Adam and the Ants
Billie Joe Armstrong
Boomtown Rats
Father Jack Hackett
Feargal Sharkey
Generation X
Glen Matlock
Jesus and Mary Chain
Johnny Rotten
Lenny Kaye
Patti Smith
Shane McGowan
Sid Vicious
Siouxsie Sioux
Stiff Little Fingers
Subway Sect
The Jam
Topper Headon

Generation X - punk hairstyles

This is Billy Idol's band isn't it? Oh yes, there he is on the left. His hairstyle is similar to Tidus's out of Final Fantasy X in this particular shot. The guy to the right of him looks a bit like Patti Smith. Can't really see his hairdo. Just a black patch. Maybe he was missing half a face. Is that Steve Cook next to him? Fuck that's uncanny. And last but not least we have jowled Owl Man who looks really like Rodney from Only Fools and Horses. None of them really have any memorable hairdo's. They all look like junkies. Or anime video game characters.

Fuck! The guy on the right really does look like Rodney. Jesus.