Adam and the Ants
Billie Joe Armstrong
Boomtown Rats
Father Jack Hackett
Feargal Sharkey
Generation X
Glen Matlock
Jesus and Mary Chain
Johnny Rotten
Lenny Kaye
Patti Smith
Shane McGowan
Sid Vicious
Siouxsie Sioux
Stiff Little Fingers
Subway Sect
The Jam
Topper Headon

Stiff Little Fingers - punk hairstyles

Oh Christ, what a bunch of Hildas. Most of them look like they've just walked off the set of Coronation Street. The guy second from the left looks like a really bad Mick Jones impersonator. The one on the far right looks like someone who'd try to sell you a stolen moped for a few hundred quid down an alleyway. And is that Julian Clary just to his left? They all look like plebs for Gods sake. And their music sucked. Well all that I've heard of it anyway. Alternative Ulster just doesn't turn me on and Suspect Device is a pile of steaming shite.

The Undertones were better - but not by much.